A Beautiful Partnership: Arhaus presents Lush & Lovely Floristry

You may have noticed this past week that Arhaus’ new flagship showroom opened up in Legacy and along with it a little Lush & Lovely corner filled with beautiful flowers and lush plants!

Over the winter Arhaus approached me with this amazing idea and I obviously was thrilled to be a part of it. At the time, it seemed so far away as we talked products, design and logistics. Watching everything come together, not just in my little corner, but in the beautifully massive space as a whole was truly something special! Seeing all of the moving parts and attention to detail that is involved in such a production was fascinating, and I feel so grateful to have been a tiny part of it!

Arhaus Legacy has officially been open for one week and it has been an amazing one. If you haven’t checked out the space yet, you should definitely head over. Be sure to check out the amazing wall of antique rugs (my favorite part) before heading upstairs to check out even MORE amazing furniture! Of course, before you leave you can pop on over to Lush & Lovely’s little corner to grab a hand-tied bouquet, or an arrangement in an Arhaus vase!

We are so excited to be a fixture in this amazing space and so happily to finally be on the east side! With Mother’s Day just two days away, we’re happy to make gifting Lush & Lovely convenient for most of Cleveland!